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Patna: Patna Police does not have any sketch expert with their own. After the incident of crime, the police have to stay with the students to make a sketch of criminals by questioning the people on the spot.
Due to not having a sketch of an expert with Patna police, the correct picture of criminals does not come up. The sketch created by inexperienced students is difficult to identify criminals. Because this does not clear the face, because the students who make it are studying themselves. Whereas the sketch maker has to have several years of experience. That is why sometimes the police can not catch the criminals on the basis of sketch. The police also catch people with similar faces from the sketch and later the involvement does not appear.
Sketch issued in many major events, not a success
In Belchhi the criminals had robbed 60 lakhs of cash van from PNB. During this time, three people were shot and killed. The police did not take any information regarding the culprits, then the sketches were made after interrogating other people and local people aboard the cash van. But this sketch did not give any special advantage to the police.

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Rather this case was resolved by the police in other ways of research. In the case of robbery of Rs.45 lakh in Allahabad Bank in Neemha area of Dhanrua, the police also made a sketch of three criminals. But the sketch did not help the police any success. However, in this case the police found success in catching the criminals involved in other ways.
Sourav Kumar, five-year-old kidnapped by the kidnappers from Ramkrishna Nagar area. The police recovered Sourav after a lot of turmoil, but the kidnapper involved in this case is still away from the police. The police also made sketches of the hijackers involved in the incident and issued, but it has no advantage.
Patna police had issued a sketch in the case of pistol robbery by killing the policeman in the flood but the sketch police
Success did not work. In this also the police had issued a sketch so that the arrest of the criminals could be ensured.
After 26/11 Mumbai attacks
Sketch success
After the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, the police of four suspects got information. In this, Abdul Karim, Noor Ali Elahi, Muzaffar Alam were identified and one was not identified and the sketch was released. It was through this sketch that it was learned that he was Walid Jinnah. This sketch was made from Mumbai's Expert. Who made the hoo-bhu picture.


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