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Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar is one of the most popular and respected singers in India, whose term of six decades is filled with achievements. Whose voice has fascinated the world of music for more than six decades. India's 'Sway Kaokila', Lata Mangeshkar has sung 30,000 songs in 20 languages. By hearing their voices, tears came in the eyes of somebody, and sometimes the men standing on the border got support. Lata ji is still alone today, she has devoted herself entirely to music. But her identity has remained as a playback singer in Indian cinema. Lata ji has been the biggest contributor to the film singing with her sister Asha Bhosle.

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Kumari Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar was born on September 28, 1929 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. His father Dinanath Mangeshkar was an accomplished contemporary vocalist. Dinanath started teaching music to Lata since he was five years old. She, along with her sisters, Aasha, Ushaa and Mina also learned. Lata 'Aman Ali Khan Sahib' and later also read with Lata  'Amannat Khan'.has always been an example of the incredible ability to understand the melodious voice, lively expression and talk given by God. Due to these characteristics, his talent was recognized very soon. But at the young age of five years, you got the opportunity to act in a play for the first time. The beginning was definitely acting, but your interest was in the music itself.

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In 1942, his father died. During this time it was only 13 years old. Master Vinayak (Vinayak Damodar Karnatki), the owner of Navyug Film Film Company and his father's friend, took over his family and helped make Lata Mangeshkar a singer and actress.

The path to success is never easy. Lata ji also had many difficulties in making her place. Many musicians have refused to give you work due to thin voice initially. Lata ji was compared with the then famous playback singer Noor Jahan. But gradually you started working on the strength of your passion and talent. Lata ji's wonderful achievement made Lata ji the strongest woman in the film industry.

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Lata ji also has the distinction of recording most songs. In addition to the film songs, you have sung the non-ghazal song with a lot of goodness. Lata ji's talent was recognized in 1947, when she got the chance to sing a song in the film "Your Service". After this song, you got an identity in the film industry and after one, you got the opportunity to sing many songs. It will not be irrelevant to mention some of these famous songs. Which is called your first Shaharka song, was sung in 1949, "Coming to come", after which the number of your fans started increasing day by day. In the meantime you worked with all the famous musicians of that time. Anil Biswas, Salil Chaudhary, Shankar Jaikishan, S. D. Burman, R. D. Burman, Naushad, Madan Mohan, C. Ramchandra etc. all musicians considered your talent to be iron. Lata ji has sung in two great films like Twelve Hands, Two Bigha Zameen, Mother India, Mughal-e-Azam, etc. In the movie "Mahal", "Rainy", "Ek Thi Girl", "Big Sister" etc., with the magic of your voice, the four moons in the popularity of these films. During this time, some of your famous songs were: "O Sajna Barkha Bahar I" (Parakh -1960), "Aaja Ray Pardesi" (Madhumati -1958), "So Naa Mere Tum Pyar Boonda" (Shadow- 1961), "Alla Terro Nam ", (Both of us -1961)," Ehsan Tera Hala Me Mein ", (Wild -1961)," These Sama "(when the flower blooms -1965) etc.

Some interesting facts related to Lata ji

1- Lata Mangeshkar was born on September 28, 1929, Pandit Deendayal Mangeshkar, in the Marathi family of Indore. His father was also theater actor and singer, hence the music he inherited. Lata Mangeshkar's first name was 'Hema', but after 5 years of birth, her parents named her 'Lata'.

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2- Lata Didi went to school for only one day. The reason for this is that when she took her younger sister Asha Bhosale to school on the first day, the teacher removed Asha Bhosale from the school by saying that she too had to pay the school fees. Later Lata decided that he would never go to school. Although later he was awarded a Standard Degree in six universities, including the New York University.

3-Lata has received great respect in her cine career. He is the first woman in the film industry to receive Bharat Ratna and Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Apart from them, Satyajit Ray is the only recipient of this honor. In 1974, he received the opportunity to sing as the first Indian singer in the well-known Royal Albert Hall of London.

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4-In the year 1974, the Guinness Book Record of the highest song in the world is recorded on his name.

5- Even before going to the recording of the song, Lata Mangeshkar loads her slippers outside the room. They always sing barefoot songs.

6-The most favorite movie of Lata is The King and I. In Hindi films, he will be seen in Trishul, Sholay, Sita and Geeta, Dilwale Dulhaniya and Madhumati. He was so fond of the same movie fame that he had seen in 1943 that he had watched this movie for almost fifty times.

7-Lata had sung hundreds of songs with Mohammed Rafi, but there was a time when he stopped talking to Rafi. Lata was fond of royalty on songs, while Mohammed Rafi never sought royalty. Both the dispute grew so that the conversation between Mohammed Rafi and Lata was stopped.

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Surat Lata Mangeshkar says that the reports of her retirement are fake and she will sing for her last breath. The Marathi song "Ata Vishwacha Kasan" has been posted on Lataji's song on social media, which means 'now is the time of rest.' This song is being associated with Lata Mangeshkar's retirement, which makes her fans disappointed. Lata Mangeshkar said in a special conversation, "I do not know who started this rumor and why? I find it a work of a stupid man sitting outside. Two days ago, I received a message and phone with my retirement. Started coming


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