What is Art - 06 "Rembrandt"
Ramble / Rembrandt and The Night Watch These two words came in many times when researching 6 -7 months ago today, now I am writing this article! Then there was no public that there is Rambra Con, and why Picasso and Hussein Saheb, such great artists consider them so much! Rembrandt's first meeting took place when he was doing research on Picasso and found the Picasso: The Rembrandt of Modern Art! Then when I was listening to MF Hussein, he told that his life was the first art film "the night watch" which gave him fat weight for the art!

Now that the curiosity against Rembran was awakened, it was necessary to know them! About Rembrandt! Rembrandt (1606-1669) was a Dutch painter who was famous at the time when the Dutch Golden Age of painting was going on!

To understand Rambra, he must go to that century, when he created his great composition, at that time when there was a time of realistic painting! Wamir was giving beauty to his art from the Great Painter Lite Shadow! Rambra also became very famous at that time, especially for self-portraits made by specialities, from Jawani to writing for an autobiography as per his last time through painting! The most important thing to paint in their painting is brushwork and light effects! At that time when lightning was present as easily as it was today (the achievement of the acquaintance had been invented but it was not at the beginning of its beginning)! Then, through the fireplace from the chimney and windows, filled the life in his portrait! If you are a photographer then you will be aware of Rembrandt lighting technique, if not so it is a topic of research!

As far as the painting is concerned! Light effects and realistic background and wall are important in their made portraits! The most important feature is the triangular light form which forms on eyes and cheeks, which is unique in itself and is the only technology!