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Hello friends  I have been born in Delhi city of India. Delhi city is also the capital city of India and it is very beautiful here, people of all types live here, including Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians and various languages. It is my good fortune that I have been born in Delhi city. I was interested in art since childhood. I have seen pencil sketch painting since childhood and I used to have a hobby, I used to make a little pencil sketch or picture from my childhood. In my childhood, in my class, children used to create a variety of drawing and different types of pencil portrait sketches. I was very promising in my class. Only thought that I will go to the art school. Friends, I have never considered anyone to be my living guru, it means that I have no human Guru. It is my Guru who is Internet Magazine and other types of internet is taught online. That is my master's guidance as I have seen something from the Internet and I have learned something in which pencil sketch oil portraits acrylic color and life sketch friends always believe me If you have a desire to learn something in your mind then it is not necessary that you are a human master if you want your master Internet to bring up a magazine Can not make a guru, and learn them very well and can learn very quickly, if you have a desire, then I like to do dark pencil shading which has dark shading and I enjoy it too It comes when there is no eye or hair to do dark shading, black shading in the background, and even better in making it, and I'm full of joy when making it I make a pencil sketch, friends are also very fond of singing a little bit.

Sketch Artist - I get a little bit humming. At the free time, my esteemed guruji kishore kumar ji is very respected with whom I look, he is my very guiding guru Because he never even learned from anyone who had talent, he was acting in singing that he was talented in all kinds of qualities, singing He used to also be a film producer, writer, comedian and actor was also a producer of several films. He has produced many films. Very good memorable films have been his friends. I consider him an ideal because he is such a great person who ever learned from anyone. No, he is one of the very great people of India. Friends, I also love watching films.

Sketch Artist Near Me - Stick art work in which I try to rationalize pencil sketch rationalistic pencil drawing and paintings. Friends, my studio is in Sarojini Nagar of Delhi city. I work from the internet. All the customers who come to me are 100% Setting. I try to go with them that they go completely from me by having a set of facial expressions. And people who come to their parents or sister brother friend, now have to give a precious gift like making pencil sketch portraits and give it to them. They say that if we give a very expensive gift, then for a few days It will remain but your made portrait sketch is very priceless because it will be a different gift, so I have a lot of customers who make a memorable gift. Friends, if you want to see this one of my little story you have heard you people have come to know about me as far as I tried to tell you about myself Thank you.

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